Posted: 31 / 10 / 2019

Bartfields Forensic Accountants are proud to announce the promotions of Emma Whitaker to Head of Civil and Elisabeth Scott to Head of Crime.

The appointments reflect the growth that Bartfields has seen over recent years, with both now heading up two key areas of the business.

On what her appointment would mean for the business, Emma said:

“We have a wealth of experience already in the department and are looking to build on this in the future whilst creating career opportunities and recruiting additional expertise.

Whilst continuing to promote our work involving criminal cases, the department is looking to grow the Civil work and assist just as many Solicitors, Mediators and Barristers and attend just as many courts and hearings as we do with our Criminal work.”

Head of Forensic Accounting at Bartfields, Raymond Davidson commented on Elizabeth’s and Emma’s new roles:

“I’m delighted that Liz and Emma have been appointed Head of Crime and Head of Civil respectively. This provides a career path not only for Liz and Emma but also for the wider team.

This restructuring of the department will enhance the distinction between criminal and civil work, helping to facilitate the continued growth of both areas within the business.”