Confiscation – the s16(3) statement & ‘available amount’

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About this webinar

The Details

  • Date Wednesday 29th September ’21
  • Time – 2.30pm to 3.00pm
  • Location – Zoom Webinar
  • Price – Free
  • Host – David Winch, expert at Bartfields Forensic Accountants


Topics include

  • Is the ‘available amount’ the amount available?
  • How should assets be valued?
  • What about costs of sale?
  • Third party interests & s10A determinations
  • How to challenge ‘tainted gifts’
  • If ‘benefit’ exceeds ‘available amount’ will there be a finding of ‘hidden assets’?
  • How we can help

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About David

David is a Chartered Accountant BCom FCA and expert witness, with years of experience focusing on crime and proceeds of crime throughout England and Wales.

He works mainly alongside solicitors and barristers, preparing expert witness reports and attending court to give evidence. David accepts instructions, both under legal aid and privately funded, from the defence and prosecution.